There are two main continents in this world. There is Symuria, where the great Mage Academies in the South have developed their arts to the point of being able to develop technology by harnessing magical energies into cores to power devices that wouldn’t be that out of place in our own world.

Then there is the continent south-west of Symuria, where wild magic runs free; where the technology of Symuria is considered an exotic luxury. Where swordsmen and gunmages and lords and hunters, elves and drow and dwarves and dragons, all live much as they have for thousands of years.

Some would argue that the people of this land are backwards, without true civilized culture. Some would say the people of Symuria aren’t all that different, but simply diluted.

The Land of Eternal Seasons, where most of the continent is in eternal Spring, a portion eternal Autumn, with spots of Summer and Winter throughout.

Seasons and Symuria